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"Even now, says the LORD,
return to me with your whole heart,
with fasting, and weeping, and mourning;
Rend your hearts, not your garments,
and return to the LORD, your God.
For gracious and merciful is he,
slow to anger, rich in kindness,
and relenting in punishment.
Perhaps he will again relent
and leave behind him a blessing,
Offerings and libations
for the LORD, your God."

~ Joel 2:12-14

Salvete all!

I hope you are all doing well on this fine March day! Does anyone else think there's something very satisfactory about Lent starting right on the first of March? So what are everyone's plans for Lent? I usually try to do too much, so this year I'm going to focus on three main things that are all tied together (and depend entirely on my waking up at a set time everyday!) Last year I got the idea from someone that having a disciplined, set time to wake up and go to bed everyday would be a good way of structuring the whole day, so that's one of the things I'm going to work on doing. Also, I want to get back in the habit of getting to Mass everyday, instead of just a couple times every week. Third, I'm going to work out everyday! (which is very penitential for me :XD:) as well as some other things. But those are the three main ones. 

Also, as someone who is about to graduate from university, I've been thinking a lot more about myself, my place in the world, and what kind of impact I want to have on the world when I'm gone. I've been contemplating death a lot lately, as a way of putting my life in ultimate perspective, which is another good thing to meditate on during Lent! The goal of life is to be a saint. As Léon Bloy put it: “The only real sadness, the only real failure, the only great tragedy in life, is not to become a saint.” What am I doing with my life, where do I want to go, what do I need to do to get there? I think most of our lives are caught up in ultimately unessential and unimportant, day-to-day distractions that hinder us from looking soberly at these questions. In that vein of things, I believe this might be a helpful meditation:

"Remember that you are dust, and to the dust you shall return."
~ Genesis 3:19

"What you are now we used to be; what we are now you will be..."
~ from a plaque in the Capuchin Crypt, Rome
Very soon the end of your life will be at hand: consider, therefore, the state of your soul. Today a man is here; tomorrow he is gone.(I Machabees 2:63) And when he is out of sight, he is soon out of mind. Oh, how dull and hard is the heart of man, which thinks only of the present, and does not provide against the future! You should order your every deed and thought, as though today were the day of your death. Had you a good conscience, death would hold no terrors for you; (Luke 12:37) even so, it were better to avoid sin than to escape death. (Wisdom 4:16) If you are not ready to die today, will tomorrow find you better prepared? (Matthew 24:44) Tomorrow is uncertain; and how can you be sure of tomorrow? Of what use is a long life, if we amend so little? Alas, a long life often adds to our sins rather than to our virtue!

Would to God that we might spend a single day really well! Many recount the years since their conversion, but their lives show little sign of improvement. If it is dreadful to die, it is perhaps more dangerous to live long. Blessed is the man who keeps the hour of his death always in mind, and daily prepares himself to die. If you have ever seen anyone die, remember that you, too, must travel the same road.(Hebrews 9:27)

Each morning remember that you may not live until evening; and in the evening, do not presume to promise yourself another day. Be ready at all times, (Luke 21:36) and so live that death may never find you unprepared. Many die suddenly and unexpectedly; for at an hour that we do not know the Son of Man will come. (Matthew 24:44) When your last hour strikes, you will begin to think very differently of your past life, and grieve deeply that you have been so careless and remiss.

Happy and wise is he who endeavours to be during his life as he wishes to be found at his death. For these things will afford us sure hope of a happy death; perfect contempt of the world; fervent desire to grow in holiness; love of discipline; the practice of penance; ready obedience; self-denial; the bearing of every trial for the love of Christ. While you enjoy health, you can do much good; but when sickness comes, little can be done. Few are made better by sickness, and those who make frequent pilgrimages seldom acquire holiness by so doing.

Do not rely on friends and neighbours, and do not delay the salvation of your soul to some future date, for men will forget you sooner than you think. It is better to make timely provision and to acquire merit in this life, than to depend on the help of others. And if you have no care for your own soul, who will have care for you in time to come? The present time is most precious; now is the accepted time, now is the day of salvation. (2 Corinthians 6:2) It is sad that you do not employ your time better, when you may win eternal life hereafter. The time will come when you will long for one day or one hour in which to amend; and who knows whether it will be granted?

Dear soul, from what peril and fear you could free yourself, if you lived in holy fear, mindful of your death. Apply yourself so to live now, that at the hour of death, you may be glad and unafraid. Learn now to die to the world, that you may begin to live with Christ. (Romans 6:8) Learn now to despise ail earthly things, that you may go freely to Christ. Discipline your body now by penance, that you may enjoy a sure hope of salvation.

Foolish man, how can you promise yourself a long life, when you are not certain of a single day? (Luke 12:20) How many have deceived themselves in this way, and been snatched unexpectedly from life! You have often heard how this man was slain by the sword; another drowned; how another fell from a high place and broke his neck; how another died at table how another met his end in play. One perishes by fire, another by the sword, another from disease, another at the hands of robbers. Death is the end of all men (Ecclesiasticus 7:2) and the life of man passes away suddenly as a shadow.(Psalm 38:7; 143:4)

Who will remember you when you are dead? Who will pray for you? Act now, dear soul; do all you can; for you know neither the hour of your death, nor your state after death. While you have time, gather the riches of everlasting life. (Luke 12:33; Galatians 6:8) Think only of your salvation, and care only for the things of God. Make friends now, by honouring the Saints of God and by following their example, that when this life is over, they may welcome you to your eternal home.(Luke 16:9)

Keep yourself a stranger and pilgrim upon earth, (I Peter 2:11), to whom the affairs of this world are of no concern. Keep your heart free and lifted up to God, for here you have no abiding city.(Hebrews13:14) Daily direct your prayers and longings to Heaven, that at your death your soul may merit to pass joyfully into the presence of God.

~ A Meditation on Death, from "The Imitation of Christ" by Thomas á Kempis


:peace: Pax Vobiscum! :peace:
~Omnes ad Iesum per Mariam~

Your Sister in Christ,
* ~ Theophilia ~ *


My art e-mail address:
:rose: Please contact me at this address if you’d like to commission me or if you’d like to order prints. I prefer e-mail to notes simply because it’s much easier to keep track of e-mails.

How to Order Prints:
Send me an e-mail that:
:bulletblack: indicates exactly what picture(s) you want
:bulletblack: indicates the size and number of the print(s) you want.
:bulletblack: has your address (or whatever address you want me to send it to).
:bulletblack: (and if applicable) gives me the date when you need it by so I can make it a priority.

I will then send a confirmation e-mail with my address and the amount owed for the purchase of the requested prints. I've found checks to work out the best. Once I've received the check and it has cleared, I will mail the print(s).

Print Prices:
Shipping: $3.00

4x6 - $5.00
5x7 - $8.00
8x10 - $20.00

Shipping: $6.00

11x14 - $35.00
12x18 - $50.00
16x20 - $65.00
18x24 - $90.00
20x30 - $110.00
24x36 - $150.00

Shipping covers the costs of purchasing the container (shipping tubes for the bigger ones) and mailers in which to ship your item, and the postage.


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I'm just an aspiring artist from the lovely Mitten State. I'm a Roman Catholic who loves her Faith and everything pertaining to it (especially its philosophy, theology and history!). Like everyone else, I have an insatiable thirst for the Three Great Transcendentals: the Good, the True, and the Beautiful. I make art because I simply enjoy doing it. Historical and theological themes and subjects are what fascinate me the most, and I think that the human figure in particular is one of inexhaustible beauty. The Incarnation of Our Lord, after all, changes everything. For that reason, I also love to depict Our Lord and Our Lady, because they are the summit of human perfection (being the New Adam and new Eve and all that. ;-)) and therefore are my favorite subjects to depict. :meow:


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No problem, I like good art:) (Smile) I invite you to my gallery:) (Smile)If you like my work, watch me :) (Smile)
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I love your icons!  (well, really I love all the saints and Our Lord represented in your icons...!) :)  Thank you for using your gifts so well to further the Kingdom of God, Theophilia....
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Theophilia Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awww, thanks! :D It's always nice to meet someone else who enjoys the same interests! :aww: I don't have an Instagram at this time (or a website for that matter). I used to have a Facebook (a personal one, though I did upload my artwork up there) but got rid of it simply because it was sucking up a lot of unnecessary time. :XD: Once I graduate from college I'd like to look into getting my own website. :nod:
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